LG TV 2023 Lineup: All the New OLed, Mini Led, and NanoCell TVs This Year

LG TV 2023 Lineup: All the New OLed, Mini Led, and NanoCell TVs This Year

What’s the LG TV 2023 lineup? Is it new LG OLED, NanoCell, or mini LED TVs? How does it compare to LG’s other TVs and sets from previous years? Here’s everything you need to know about the new LG TVs coming out in 2023. Plus, check out our hands-on reviews and buying guides of some of the most popular sets right now.

The magic of Ultra Definition

Some people may not know that LG has been around for over 100 years. LG is a South Korean company that designs and manufactures all sorts of electronics, most notably televisions. And for more than 30 years now we’ve been creating some of the best televisions on the market. But in 2023 we’re going to be taking it up a notch with our new Ultra Definition televisions (or UHD). Our 2023 UHD lineup will consist of OLED, Mini LED, and NanoCell TVs this year. They will offer an unparalleled viewing experience with resolution four times higher than HDTVs which means you can see things in incredible detail.

The evolution of OLED TV design

LG’s OLED TV design has been evolving over time to make it a better product for consumers. They started with Plasma OLED TVs and now they have moved to what is called Full Array Local Dimming. The full array local dimming gives more accurate color representation by regulating the intensity of individual pixels. LG also began using what is called Quantum Dots which are made up of nano-sized crystals that emit light of different colors depending on their size. These QD Quantum Dots were first used on LG’s NanoCell TVs in 2023.


LG has always been a pioneer in OLED technology, with the company releasing its first OLED television in 2009. Now, LG is back with its newest series of OLED TVs that comes with an upgraded curved 4K UHD screen. The new models are available in two different sizes: a 55-inch version for $4999 or a 65-inch for $6499.

This year also marks LG’s release of its first line of Nano Cell TVs. These new screens will come in either 55 inches or 65 inches and will be priced between $1999-$2199. LG also introduced their newest Mini LED line of televisions. These displays will come with a flat 4K UHD display, making them ideal for tight spaces such as apartments, dorms, and kitchens.

Starting at just $1499 this set includes all the same features found on LG’s other TVs but only weighs 33 pounds compared to LG’s traditional sets which weigh 80 pounds on average. Finally LG introduces its newest NanoCell set of screens which will come out next month on May 20th for just $1999-$2499 depending on size.


LG is making a big push into OLED this year with their new Nano Cell technology. LG’s new 4K UHD OLEDTVs are thinner than ever before, coming in at a mere 2.6mm thick. The Nano Cell technology used in these new LG TVs gives them deeper blacks and richer colors while maintaining a high level of brightness. With an Nano Cell backlight that offers up to 36% higher power efficiency than traditional LED-backlit screens, LG’s new OLEDTVs use less power than competing models like Sony’s A8F series or Samsung’s QLED lineup.

Curved Nano Cell Display

LG’s new curved Nano Cell Display is a big step in OLED technology. The large-sized 55 QLED TV has an impressive 81% screen-to-body ratio and a crystal clear 4K resolution.

LG’s new OLED display is still one of the best around. The W2 Wallpaper OLED sports a pixel density of 3,840 x 2160 which creates an amazing picture quality with accurate colors. The LG OLED W8 series offers one of the most immersive viewing experiences on the market today with over 100 inches of screen space and full HDR support.

LG also released their new line of Mini LED TVs for those looking for something more affordable or smaller in size.

Flat Nano Cell Display

LG Electronics is gearing up to release a multitude of new products in 2023. One of their newest introductions is LG’s OLED, LED, and NanoCell TV lineup for 2023. With the introduction of OLED technology in 2008 and LED technology in 2012, LG has continued to innovate with each new generation of televisions. The company will continue with this tradition by introducing OLED QLED Smart TVs with MicroLEDs that use nanotechnology for a more vivid picture. The new range will include both curved screens as well as an increase from 4K UHD to 8K UHD resolution for those who want even sharper images.

Future Innovation

LG is introducing a variety of new OLED, Mini LED, and NanoCell TVs this year. They announced that they will be increasing their OLED lineup with three new models for the US market. The UltraGear line will now include a 65-inch model. LG’s UX features are also getting an upgrade with content recommendations from Google Assistant on your LG Smart Display or mobile device. LG has always been one of our favorite manufacturers when it comes to innovation, so we’re excited to see what other products LG has in store for us!

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