Preliminary Steps of Constructing Your House from Scratch


Building your house from scratch is an undeniable dream come true. A new house can be designed according to your requirements – without any existing problems. This aspect indicates why most people choose to build their own house instead of buying a pre-existing one. 

If you are in the same boat, you might want to check out the following steps that will be useful in constructing your house from scratch. 

Find a Licensed Contractor

When it comes to building a house from scratch, the success of this project depends heavily on the contractor that you choose. The best thing you can do is to get yourself a licensed general contractor, also known as GC. Trust us – only a very few people are qualified to act as their own contractors.

Nonetheless, building a house from scratch is a massive project, and you will have to make the involved professionals collaborate with each other in many different ways. 

Suppose you are building a house in McDonough. GA, you might want to choose the Hydraulic Hose Equipment mcdonough ga as a way to ensure that the construction is completed seamlessly. 

Also, you should know that the licensed general contractor will charge up to 20% of the overall costs of building your dream house. 

Arrange for Waste Disposal

Constructing a house from scratch is a massive project, which is why you will want to arrange for all preliminary activities, including the proper disposal of waste. One of the best things you could do is to arrange for a dumpster to handle all waste for the construction project. 

As far as the workers are concerned, you might want to order a few portable toilets for the construction workers as well. You might also want to order temporary utilities from a local power company. If you are constructing a house in the Bay Area, CA, you might want to opt for the metal distributor bay area ca and ensure that you only get high-quality metal for the construction site. 

Prepare the Construction Site

Even before you can start the construction, you will want to prepare the land for the home site. You can do so by clearing the site from debris, bushes, and weeds. Ideally, the building site should be cleared down to the ground level. Regarding the diameter, you will want to clear the site for at least 25 feet around the planned perimeter. 

Before you start the construction, you will want to survey the lot and use original drawings to lay out the property boundaries. Assess the water flow on the site, which might require you to get in touch with a contractor who has the much-needed earth-moving equipment. 

Establish the Foundation

To establish the foundation of your house, you might want to pour concrete footings. The construction site will take form with the installation of concrete footings and foundations slabs. Usually, this part of the construction work is done by foundation specialists and professional excavation contractors. 

The foundation and concrete footings will comprise a big part of the building cost of your entire house.

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