The Two Best Word Shortcuts for Quickly Deleting Text

The Two Best Word Shortcuts for Quickly Deleting Text

All Word users can benefit from knowing two Word shortcuts that quickly help you remove text. One of the best things about these shortcuts is that they’re easy to remember (CTRL+Z and CTRL+SHIFT+Z). Another cool thing about them is that they both work on selected text, whether it’s one word or several sentences. Once you learn how to use these two Word shortcuts, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them! Check out this blog post for more details about how to easily delete text in Word.

CTRL + A (Select All)

If you want to delete everything in a document quickly, use the CTRL + A shortcut. This shortcut will select all the text in a document, making it easy to hit the delete key and start over. Be careful with this shortcut, as it can delete text that you didn’t mean to delete. Make sure to read through your document before pressing the delete key.

M-DEL (Delete Previous Word): The M-DEL keyboard shortcut is useful if you only need to delete one word at a time, rather than an entire paragraph or sentence. The M-DEL shortcut deletes any text that was typed before the cursor in your document and puts it into your clipboard.

Once deleted, you’ll need to paste the text into its new location manually if desired. Alternatively, you could highlight the words to be moved, right click on them and choose cut. Then go to the desired location in your document and right click again. You should see paste as an option in the menu; just click on it. Voila! All of your text has been pasted back into place without having to retype anything.

CTRL + SHIFT + B (Bold)

Do you ever find yourself accidentally pressing CTRL + B to bold text when you really just wanted to delete it? Well, there’s a shortcut for that! Just press CTRL + SHIFT + B and the bold formatting will be removed. This shortcut is great for quickly deleting text that you don’t want. The only downside is that you can’t undo this type of deletion in Word.

A common mistake I see students make in my classroom (particularly at the beginning of school) is accidentally selecting an entire paragraph with their mouse by using CTRL + A instead of CTRL + Shift + A. To fix this problem, use CTRL+ Shift+ A to select one sentence at a time or simply use your keyboard arrow keys to highlight each sentence one by one.

Word also has an easy way to quickly format any word or phrase without having to go through menus or make more than one keystroke – just double-click on the word or phrase and choose from its formatting options.

CTRL + SHIFT + U (Underline)

If you’re ever in a situation where you need to quickly delete a lot of text, there are two useful Word shortcuts that can help you out. One is the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + U (Underline). To use this shortcut, simply highlight the text you want to delete and press CTRL + SHIFT + U (Underline). Once the text is highlighted, just press Delete and it will be deleted. The other shortcut that is helpful is CTRL + A (Select All).

To use this shortcut, highlight all of the text you want to select before pressing CTRL + A (Select All). Once all of the desired text has been highlighted, just press Delete and it will be deleted. These two shortcuts make deleting text quick and easy!

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