Samsung TV Plus: The Free TV Streaming Service You Need to Know About

Samsung TV Plus The Free TV Streaming Service You Need to Know About

Samsung TVs have some pretty cool features, but one of the most convenient may be its TV Plus service, which lets you stream tons of content right from the comfort of your couch. But what is Samsung TV Plus, and how do you use it? Here’s everything you need to know about this awesome feature!

What is it?

It’s a free streaming service that offers more than 60 live channels, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and The CW. And it doesn’t require a monthly subscription or sign-in with your pay-TV provider. All you need is the Samsung Smart TV app.

The service has been around for about two years now, but it’s only recently that we’ve started seeing the app pop up on TVs in stores. It’s available on TVs manufactured by LG and Vizio (both of which are owned by Samsung) as well as some TVs sold under Samsung’s own brand.

Why should I care?

If you haven’t heard of Samsung’s newest service, then you need to know that it’s a free TV streaming service. Unlike other free services like Netflix, there is no limit on how many hours of programming you can watch. That means that if you’re feeling bored or want some background noise while doing something else, this will be your best bet! It also has movies and documentaries in addition to TV shows.

What really sets it apart from other TV streaming services is the user-friendly interface, which allows users to find what they want without any hassle. If you have an account with both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, for example, the app will show you all three options and allow you to select which one you’d like to watch. There are plenty of ads every few minutes that serve as promotional material for new products from Samsung; however, the upside is that these ads don’t appear during live TV broadcasts so they won’t interrupt your viewing experience.

How do I use it?

When you sign up for Samsung TV Plus, you’ll get free access to a library of movies and shows from various providers. As a member, you can also purchase new releases or classic titles for a small fee. If you’re not sure what show or movie to watch next, the app will suggest new content based on your viewing history.

You don’t need a smart device like an Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, or Roku in order to stream content with Samsung TV Plus. Simply connect your television’s HDMI port to your cable box and add the app on Samsung’s Smart Hub.

How will it change my life?

TV is a large part of our lives, and it can be difficult to find a balance between watching what we want and keeping up with the latest episodes of our favorite shows. With Samsung TV Plus, you’ll have access to tons of different streaming services that will make your life easier. It’s easy enough for anyone to download the app and start using it because it’s so intuitive.

One of the best parts about Samsung TV is that all your favorite streaming apps are in one place.

Are there any catches?

While Samsung TV plus offers tons of content, there are a few catches. For one, you’ll need a Samsung TV in order to stream the service. Not only that, but you won’t be able to watch anything on your phone or tablet. This is great for those who already own a Samsung TV and want new ways to utilize it, but not so good if you’re looking for something portable.

If you’re looking for an alternative to cable, then this might not be what you’re seeking. There’s also no free trial option, which makes it difficult to test out the service before purchasing. All in all, Samsung TV Plus is an affordable way to get access to some great streaming services at no cost—so long as you have the right hardware and don’t mind limited functionality outside of TVs.

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