The 5 Tasks You Didn’t Know You Could Delegate to Robots

The 5 Tasks You Didn't Know You Could Delegate to Robots

Robots are taking over the world, but don’t get scared just yet. Your job may be safe from the robots…for now. You can still delegate many things to your robotic helpers that aren’t important enough to put on your plate (or keyboard). Let these tips guide you in deciding which tasks you can delegate to your robot buddy and which ones require your personal touch. Don’t worry, it won’t bite—much.

Picking Up Things

Picking up items is one of the easiest tasks for a robot to do. What used to be done by humans, now can be easily done by bots in warehouses and homes. From working in distribution centers to transporting goods at Amazon’s fulfillment centers, robots have become an integral part of picking up packages and objects in their path. In homes too, from stocking kitchen cabinets and pulling items off shelves to vacuuming floors and mopping floors, these strong mechanical friends are perfect helpers.

They never tire or get bored, so they’ll keep on working until you’re satisfied with your space. And if you’re concerned about safety around your kids or pets, fear not! They work safely alongside human beings.

Vacuuming the Carpet

Vacuuming the carpet is a repetitive and laborious task that takes up hours of your time. A robot vacuum will eliminate the need for this monotonous chore. These machines are small, move quickly, and don’t require supervision because they stop when they find an obstacle. They also sense where the wall is so that you don’t have to worry about them getting stuck under furniture like their bigger counterparts often do.

Irrigation and Fertilization

An Agritech company called Birdbrain Technologies has created a solar-powered robot called the Sunflower that waters plants while allowing you to control how much water is given and when. Automated sprinklers can also be programmed to only come on in heavy rain or if wind speeds are below a certain threshold. By delegating this task of irrigation and fertilization, many human problems such as forgetting to water your plants or over watering them can be avoided!

Mowing Lawns

Robots are already taking on some dangerous and dirty jobs such as heavy-duty construction and cleaning up nuclear accidents, but as Robots get smaller, smarter, cheaper and more versatile they will gradually replace humans in much of the blue-collar work currently being done. The market for lawnmowers is ripe for automation because most mowing jobs are simple and straightforward. A robot could do a great job cutting your lawn in two hours without ever getting tired. They can be programmed to follow a line pattern so they never miss an inch, which saves time by not having to go back over sections that were missed or damaged. They can also be instructed to stop when it’s raining so you don’t have wet grass all over your house.

Painting Walls

Painting walls is often a tedious and time-consuming process, but fortunately with the help of automation, you can have your robot finish the job for you. The Kolibree robot has made painting walls easier than ever before by combining the features of an arm and a paint roller. Simply attach the bucket at the top of the arm and move it around in any direction on the wall. When finished, detach from the wall and place in another location.

Just like that, your wall is fresh and ready to be decorated!

It’s not all fun and games though—one downside to this technique is that it requires more water than traditional methods. So while robots may be able to tackle some painting tasks, they’re not perfect yet!

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