The Top 8 Zoom Backgrounds for School Children and Educators

The Top 8 Zoom Backgrounds for School Children and Educators

As educators or classroom teachers, you’re no doubt familiar with the many benefits of using Zoom to connect students and teachers all over the world. Using Zoom not only allows for live video conferencing, but also allows for sharing of documents, screens, and much more — just like any other online meeting tool. But one thing that can be tricky about using Zoom is finding background images that your students and teachers will find engaging and fun to use in their presentations. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top 8 zoom backgrounds for school children and educators!

Quirky, Fun

A fun, quirky background can set the tone for a lighthearted and enjoyable learning experience. It can also help students feel more comfortable and relaxed in an online setting. Some great options include images of your favorite cartoon characters, colorful patterns, or natural scenes.

1. Calm (five sentences): A calming background can help create a peaceful and serene learning environment. This is especially important for young children who may feel overwhelmed by the online setting. Try an image of a blue sky with fluffy white clouds, a lush green forest, or a tranquil waterfall.

2.  Bright and Colorful (six sentences): A bright and colorful background is perfect for an engaging and energetic learning experience. It can also help to stimulate the mind and promote creativity.

Tame, Colorful

A colourful, tame background is perfect for children who want to add a little bit of personality to their space without being too overwhelming. This can be anything from a brightly-colored wall to patterned wallpaper. For educators, this is a great way to add some life to your virtual classroom without being too distracting.

Relaxing, Nature Scene (eight sentences): A nature scene can be incredibly relaxing, which is why it’s perfect for both students and teachers who need to de-stress during or after class. This could be anything from a picture of the ocean to a serene forest.

Cool Neon

This fun background features a colorful neon sign that reads SCHOOL. It’s perfect for kids who want to show their school spirit, or for educators who want to add a touch of whimsy to their virtual classroom. You can choose between horizontal and vertical zoom so it will fit your space no matter what shape it is. Plus, this scene also comes with its own animations, like rainbows shooting out from the word SCHOOL!

 Motivating Chalkboard

This is a great background to use when you want to be taken seriously as an educator. The chalkboard provides a feeling of professionalism while also being motivating for children who learn best in a more traditional setting. If you’re looking for a way to make your online classroom feel like a real one, this is the background for you.

 Peek into the Future

In a few years, it’s likely that the majority of classrooms will be virtual. That’s why it’s important to start familiarizing yourself with the concept now. These top eight zoom backgrounds are perfect for school children and educators who want to get a head start on the competition.

  1. The first zoom background is a classic: a desk in front of a chalkboard. This gives off the vibe of a traditional classroom, but with a modern twist.

Modern-Chic Look

This is a great option for children who want to show off their modern-chic style. The black, white, and gold colors give off a sleek and stylish vibe, while the geometric shapes add a touch of fun. Plus, the subtle pattern ensures that your child won’t be distracted by their background.

– Tropical Getaway (five sentences): This is the perfect option for children who are dreaming of a tropical getaway.

Minimalist Style

If you’re looking for a sleek and professional background, consider using a minimalist style. This type of background is perfect for those who want to appear organized and put-together. Plus, it’s easy to find high-quality images of minimalist backgrounds online. Here are a few of our favourites

Doodle Inspiration

Doodle Inspiration is a great zoom background for school children because it is cheerful, colorful, and inspires creativity. It can also help to break the ice with new classmates or teachers since everyone can share what they doodled during class.

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